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College Football: The Drive to Atlanta (New) Experts evaluate the field of teams contending for the College Football Playoff and assess which schools are most likely to play for the championship.
College Football Today (HD, TV-G) A thorough preview of the upcoming college football game, as well as highlights from games across the country, with expert analysis and insightful commentary.
College Football Alabama Crimson Tide at Vanderbilt Commodores from Vanderbilt Stadium (HD) Alabama has won 22 straight meetings; Vanderbilt had its first victory over a ranked non-conference foe since 1946 with a 14-7 win vs. Kansas State on Sept. 16.

The Lucy Show Lucy and the Safecracker (TV-G) When Lucy and Mr. Mooney are finally released from their entrapment in the bank vault, Lucy shows the press how it all happened and locks Mooney inside again.
The Lucy Show Lucy Goes Duck Hunting (TV-G) An attractive and wealthy suitor takes Lucy on a duck-hunting adventure where they both discover that her duck-calling skills actually aren't all that bad.
The Lucy Show Lucy and the Bank Scandal (TV-G) Lucy gets the inkling that Mr. Mooney may be lifting funds from the bank when the books don't add up, and there's a drastic increase in his spending habits.
The Lucy Show Lucy Decides to Redecorate (TV-G) Lucy wants money to renovate her home, but a tight-fisted Mr. Mooney will only give her minimal funding, which requires her to complete the projects herself.
The Lucy Show Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank (TV-G) The ladies of the all-female firefighting unit can't get financial backing from the town or Mr. Mooney, so they stage a fire in the bank to prove their worth.
The Lucy Show Lucy and the Military Academy (TV-G) Lucy's motherly instincts get the best of her when Jerry begins military school, and her anxiety propels her to forgo visitor's rules and sneak on the campus.

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Seals of Approval (HD) Scheduled: Jeff explores the Aialik Glacier and visits the Alaska SeaLife Center where he meets an orphaned seal named Ali and a pregnant seal named Atty.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Animal Famalies Of New Zealand (HD) Travelling to the opposite side of the globe, host Jeff Corwin is able to witness some of the animal families in New Zealand and their bonding.
Calling Dr. Pol Tornado Tailspin (HD, TV-G) Doctor Pol travels to a farm to help care for a horse who cannot swallow for some reason and to help a dog that seems to have bitten off more than he can chew.
Calling Dr. Pol Double Down (HD, TV-G) Dr. Brenda and Dr. Pol both have to face some tough challenges, and one of them is big enough to force them to team up in order to deal with it.
Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner Rock Pools and Curlew Chicks (TV-G) Tim Faulkner cares for two Bush Stone-curlew chicks and visits Tasmania to explore some rock pools where he meets some of the most exotic sea creatures.
Hatched Sole Serum (HD, TV-G) An entrepreneur has created a soothing foot lotion that relieves foot pain from standing all day or wearing heels and is seeking support from investors.
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